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About Telos

Our mission

Telos was born out of frustration. Buildings in Hong Kong constantly require maintenance and renovation, where such construction projects can be an onerous logistical process for its inhabitants. Telos simplifies that process by providing its users with an online voting platform designed to streamline the entire decision-making process. An app made for the community, Telos enables its users to vote remotely on construction projects, or any other building-specific projects for that matter. Telos is not just a voting platform but also an information provider, an app that gives you transparency, equity, and security. (We encrypt your votes to ensure anonymity, and have implemented various other functions to completely prevent electoral fraud for our users.)

We believe that property manager and property owner need to understand each other before the community can thrive as a whole; therefore, we also provide our users with a digital noticeboard, a survey section, and a multi-purpose forum, all in the hopes of making information flow freely and bilaterally.

In short, Telos enables property owners to take matters into their own hands, save valuable time, engage in open discussion in a safe environment, and make informed decisions about all future projects.

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