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Telos Noticeboard

Stay up to date with news and events at your estate.

First to know.

Keep track of everything that happens at your estate, from elevator maintenance schedues to times and dates of meetings. We got you covered.

Telos has created an invaluable app that will significantly benefit every property owner in Hong Kong.

Ricky Ho


Telos Meetings

Stay informed about upcoming meetings, then vote directly on your mobile device.

No need to go in-person. Vote online.

See summaries, agendas, and other relevant documents about upcoming meetings and vote on resolutions you care about.

Voting on renovation and construction projects has never been so efficient and so easy.

Helen Lau

Yuen Long
Make intelligent decisions.

Since meeting materials are uploaded by your chairman/property manager in advance, you will have the time to carefully consider each poll option. Once you have reached a decision, our app lets you vote in less than 5 seconds.

Telos has given me two of the most desired things: transparency and time.

Alan Ho

Kowloon Tong

Telos Forums

Telos provides you and your community with a private, anonymous forum, making collective decision-making and action easier than ever.

Share, deliberate, affect.

Interact and engage in an open forum anonymously, where each post can be read and responded to by your fellow owners and chairman/property manager.

I know more about what goes on at my property, even when I'm out of town. Telos hasn't just made an app, it's brought about true positive impact and utility to Hong Kong.

Sino Ma

Happy Valley

Security by design

We understand that estate matters can be highly confidential. That's why we use enterprise-level security systems and practices to ensure no information ever gets into the wrong hands.

Property management Telos Technology Hong Kong

Admin Panel: Post Notices

Admin Panel: Host Meetings

Admin Panel: Conduct Surveys

Centralized platform

Manage, send, and delete all your notices from one platform.

Full customization

Selectively target owners by block and/or floor to streamline information flow.

Instant results

Send out digital notices to each and every owner faster than you can print them.

Centralized platform

Set up AGM's and other meetings, add agendas, summaries, and polls, all in one go.

Full customization

Admins have until two weeks before the meeting date to edit poll details; and until the meeting start-time to edit meeting details.

Instant results

Download the complete poll report that we help you generate, once the meeting ends.

Centralized platform

We believe that information needs to flow both ways.

Full customization

Designed specifically for property management to understand the needs and concerns of owners.

Instant results

Conduct surveys 10x faster and easier than before.

Telos Technology

100% BMO compliant

Our software is specifically designed to comply with Cap. 344 Building Management Ordinance.